Light/Deep Divine Sky

The Divine Sky film was shot at Forsinard at the Flow Country in the Scottish Highlands. The film was made in collaboration with film maker Basharat Khan with sound by Susannah Stark.


The image of the sky reflected in the peat bogs caught me as a beautiful image and became crucial to this project that encompasses many themes, to name a few: Scottish landscape, African metaphysics and cosmology, ritual practice, Celtic folklore, Celtic song, Ritual Performance, Gaidhlig language and Black Scottish Identity.


I moved from confined studio / domestic spaces, continually drawing for the earlier pieces of The Divine Sky project, to finally getting the opportunity to travel North and the space suddenly stretching for miles and miles of gorgeous Scottish landscape, peatlands, sphagnum moss and water.


I perform in this place, tracing the language of water, my movements careful yet fluid. The tablecloth-sky now a dress under the morphing blue, an object/garment/painting of poesis and storytelling.


The dress is titled Blue of the Horizon and was made by artist and seamstress Fiona Catherine Powell.