In The Moment of Waking

So many things can happen in that transitory stage between sleeping and waking. This series focuses on that movement from the dream into reality. In lucid dreaming there is an almost sudden understanding of the parameters of the dreamscape. A realisation that things are not what they seem and cannot be. All impossible things are no longer possible.


You have punctured the illusion. Now it is time to get up and go about your business. Now it is time to be alive, to be an active participant in the material world where you are fully aware of the limitations. In the moment of waking you can grab an idea, a piece of language, an image, musical notes and you can carry them with you into the world. You can mould them and manifest them into existence.  This moment is transformative, it is key.


This series, accompanied by Visions of Half Sleep was collated into a photography book which can be found here.