A Hint of Blue

A Hint of Blue is part of my ongoing project, The Divine Sky. This work formed during lockdown when many of us were faced with having to stay in one place. For those of us who had shelter, in our homes surrounded by all of the things we have accumulated in our lives. There was not much to do but accumulate more things, more hobbies, more ways to pass the time that seemed both static and endless.


If you look closely, you can spot the fabric depicted in The Divine Sky series, once representing the landscape, the sky, the intuitive drawing process, now domesticated
and utilised as a tablecloth.


As many elements of The Divine Sky project reference the colour blue and in particular the allure of Indigo.


This work references the traditional Blue Willow Chinaware. Appearing as early as 618 – 906 AD during the Tang dynasty, Blue Willow porcelain has been copied and re-created over and over, appropriated all over the world, and turned into a cheap commodity in the West.


A Hint of Blue is a ritual of sorts, reconstructing the traditional still life, a practice that has been used for centuries by artists to practice their skills in rendering objects,
studies of light, tone and colour and as a form of conspicuous consumption for the wealthy who were patrons of the arts.


Photo Credit: Sekai Machache with assistance from Antanas Budvytis and Alison Orr.